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Up to $1,200 is available to help pay for the cost of vehicle modifications. Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption at time of purchase on new and used vehicles.

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Mobility Plus is a distributor for Pride, Amigo, and Golden three and four wheel scooters. Each manufacturer offers a complete line of scooters with all of the features you need. From small, 3-wheel, highly maneuverable models, to 4-wheel workhorses capable of taking on the roughest terrain, to ultra-compact units great for travel, scooters are up to the challenges of your life.

 Exciting colors, full lighting packages, power elevating seats, baskets, rear view mirrors, cane, crutch, walker, oxygen holders, you name it, you can have it. 


AMIGO Scooters

The AMIGO line features scooters with weight capacities that range from 250 pounds to 600 pounds.  The RD is a regular in the Amigo line. RD means rear drive. This compact little scooter has all of the power of the bigger scooters but is only 44 inches long and 23 inches wide. The RT (R for rear drive and T for take apart frame) is a very popular model. It is reasonably priced, has a great open floor, and comes standard with a very comfortable seat.  The redesigned MC and MCX with 250 lb and 350 lb weight carrying capacities respectively will accommodate a variety of users, while the EXT and HD are designed for the tall and/or heavier scooter user.  Amigo has a new 5-wheel mid-drive scooter named the Amigo B-6, appropriately named because it will accommodate individuals weighing up to 600 lbs.  

Amigo offers a variety of accessories, custom seating options, power elevating seats on some but not all models, and the Adapt-A-Seat Frame for custom seating systems. 



Scooter technology is ever-changing and PRIDE'S scooter designs are constantly changing right along with it. At Pride, the Scooter Research and Development Team proactively seeks out the latest technological breakthroughs which they then immediately incorporate into their scooters. From virtually silent, high torque and high speed motors, to on-board battery chargers, to even those models with fully lighted, digital controls, Pride scooters encompass the means to live an adventure, not just talk about it.. Their new Go Go sells as fast as we take them out of the box. They fit anywhere and yet work for surprisingly large people. They are light-weight, take-apart and almost anyone could handle disassembling one for transport. The old timers in the line, Celebrity, Legend,  Victory, etc. just get better and better. The new Celebrity three and four wheel models have easy-to-use digital touchpad controls, infinitely adjustable tiller, and a microprocessor-based controller for superior safety, performance and efficiency just to name a few of the standard features.  

We keep a variety of scooters in stock for you to see and ride. Come by for a test drive soon.

Power Wheelchairs

Through our existing affiliation with PRIDE, we offer power base wheelchairs for those customers who need more maneuverability than a scooter can provide.  

 We try to keep a couple of chairs in the showroom for you to try.  The Jazzy 600 has been a popular model for the EZ Lock / Q Lock power wheelchair lockdown systems.  Not all models of power wheelchairs are compatible with EZ Lock.



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