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Up to $1,200 is available to help pay for the cost of vehicle modifications. Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption at time of purchase on new and used vehicles.

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Mobility Plus has been serving Houston since 1987. Our expertise and proven manufacturer support from our suppliers allows us to offer you a full range of lifts to assit you with your daily activities easing life. We handle VMI, Harmar, and more. We also handle other specialty items from a variety of manufactures. We are consumers just as you are and when we purchase an item for resale to you we make sure we get a quality product with great manufacture support. If a manufacture is not listed here there is a reason why,whether it be poor quality, poor support, and amazingly enough industry politics. Here at Mobility Plus we have one purpose, to make life easier for you. Call Trey 713-468-4683 


The KlearVue fully automatic wheelchair lift folds in half below the glass for a completely unobstructed view from within the vehicle. The unique folding platform accommodates longer scooters and wheelchairs without requiring raised roof or doors.


This very reliable personal platform lift offers exclusive split-platform design for clear access to the vehicle's interior. The powerful hydraulic pump ensures smooth, stable operation for heavy wheelchairs and scooters and the all-steel frame features convenient handrails for increased comfort and security.


The Uni-lite advantages include: lightweight aluminum construction, all electric operation, adjustable to fit most doors, compact design and large platform, easy to maintain, and affordably priced.

One Source for Accessibility and Mobility Solutions

Harmar is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobility and accessibility products that help individuals maintain their independence and lifestyle. As America's Lift Leader our quality products are engineered for performance, safety, ease of use and fast installation.

AL003 Tilt-N-Tote

AL010 Micro Outside Lift
AL030 Power Tote

AL105 Swing Away Option

AL435T Tailgater 3 Truck Lift

AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift

AL580XL Next Generation Power
Chair Lift

AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift
AL625HD HD Hybrid Van Lift
This represents a small selection of the HARMAR Vehicle Lifts available. 


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